Modern developments in the cosmetic industry allow us not to accept aging changes of the skin anymore. Using skin care products makes it possible to achieve rejuvenation and postpone unavoidable aging processes.

     After reaching age of 50 ability of the skin to sustain moisture drops tremendously and the skin starts to look pale. Visual aging is dictated by physiological preconditions:

-       Weakening of the muscular corset, which supports the face oval;

-       Reduced solidity and elasticity of the dermis;

-       Violation of oxygen supply and as a result, worsening of skin nourishment;

-       Decrease in the fat layer, weakening of protective functions;

-       Reduction in the thickness of the dermis and increase in sensitivity.

     A new professional anti-aging cosmeceutical series ANTI AGE acts in two main activity directions – prevention of skin aging and decrease in the present aging changes.

ANTI AGE series products replenish basic needs of the skin and restore it.