This is a cream for treatment based on a combination of active ingredients of natural sources (Olive oil, olive leaf extract, Shea butter, sea algae extract, aloevera and others) and modern biotechnological products (peptides mix,organic silicon). It treats a wide range of skin problems, helps in healing of rubbing and dryness of the skin, calms itching, accelerates healing of burns, has also anti inflammatory characteristics and calms red, irritated skin. It can also be used in anti-aging treatments as a nutrient cream which slows down the aging of skin, in the rehabilitation of the skin after radiation and laser treatments, epilation and IPL treatment.

The cream do not contain odour and dye materials, it is absorbed fast and accelerates treatment processes.

It is excellent to ease itching for babies.

Directions: apply the required amount of cream on clean, dry skin until completely absorbed.

Active ingredients: Shea Butter, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Olive Oil, Bisabolol, Alteromonas Ferment Extract, Glutamylamidoethyl Indole, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8, Methylsilanol Hydroxyproline.

Code: 9008100 - 100 ml.